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Re: Contribution of a DHCP server (µDHCP)port to eCOS

Hello Jonathan,(and maintainers)

I'm sorry but i'm not a lawyer and licencing issues are a bit tricky.

As U say "the eCos license, which is GPL plus a special 
exception." . if I had well understood this exception is that you can link 
your own code with an eCOS library and your own code will stay under your 
property. (With GPL, your code also becomes GPL ...) Is that it ?

I have tried to obtain a written agreement of all contributors of µDHCP to 
cahnge GPL to the eCOS licence but many emails are now broken and one of them 
had strictly refused.
So I think the best thing I could do is to release it under GPL. 

I was also unaware of the FreeBSD licensing clause, If I had understood you 
have a solution if U can convinced Mr Niels Provos of changing his terms. 
Am I right ?

Could you send me templates of what u call a "copyrigth assignement" and 
"copyright disclaimer"  ?
I'm the only contributor for the changes needed by the port so I will fill 
them in. 

Thanks for all your good work.

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