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Contribution of a DHCP server (µDHCP) port to eCOS

Hello eCOS gurus,

I'm pleased to contribute back to eCOS with this DHCP server port.
The original code (v0.9.8, 31 Oct, 2002) was found on and is covered by GPL Licence.
So this release will also be covered by GPL.

It has been heavily modified to be integrated to eCOS and is mainly
configurable via configtool.
For the moment i have validate it with FreeBSD TCP/IP stack on the Linux
Synthetic target, a Rattler board and a PQ2FADS board.

I have not much time to improve things such documentation/debug and propose a
few tests, so i post it has it.

Anyway I hope it will be usefull.
Any feedback or questions will be greetly apreciated.

I'm on my way to post also a DNS server port (nsd). You will got it soon.

Have a nice day.

Hum well, anytime I attach the epk file with this mail, my mail is bounced 
back and tagged as spam ... What should I do ?

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