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Re: Fwd: Support query

Bernd Kischnick wrote:
Hello eCos-team,

I'm forwarding this message to you via my private mail account,
because your mailer doesn't like HTML attachments, on which to
send the Notes mail client at the company absolutely insists.

Sorry about that. It's just that so much spam is HTML and no on-topic mail needs to be HTML.

Please reply also to the company mail address
(even if it's quite longish)

Easily done!

Hello eCos team,

we're considering to use eCos as the OS base for a new embedded product using an ARM7TDMI core.
It's a custom chip design, so there's no existing board-support package available.

Could you provide me some contacts for support and consulting?

Sure, there are two obvious companies that spring to mind: and

The first link is Gary Thomas's company, another eCos maintainer: <>

The second is my employer (so I do have a vested interest :-)), and we do support, consulting, porting work, etc. If you are interested in more details from eCosCentric you can contact a colleague of mine, Daniel Morris at <> who would be able to discuss your requirements with you.

Hope this helps,

eCosCentric    The eCos and RedBoot experts
--["No sense being pessimistic, it wouldn't work anyway"]-- Opinions==mine

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