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Re: ecos + lwip

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 06:49:59PM +0530, Mandeep Sandhu wrote:
> >> 1.3.1 for eCos. Just copy all the files in the archive over the eCos
> >> repository.
> >>
> >>
> Hi Simon,
> I tried building a new linux synth target with the lwip_sequential package
> selected (using the ecos supplied i386-elf GCC).
> I ran into some errors when I try ti build the target.


Beeing in testinf Simon's SLIP addons I noticed that. That happenes
because sio.c, slipif.c are compiled by default. I move those sources in
CDL slip section and it seems compile passes okay. See the attachment, I
think that Simon will quick fix this compile issue and may be more
elegant than me.

> First there was a missing bracket in
> packages/net/lwip_tcpip/current/src/core/ipv4/ip.c
> Line 413.

Hm. I dint't turn IGMP and perhaps, I missed it.

> After fixing that, I get a bunch of errors:

Warnings exist. Error should go away with proposal the above.


diff -r 3d77ea1625ff net/lwip_tcpip/current/cdl/lwip_net.cdl
--- a/net/lwip_tcpip/current/cdl/lwip_net.cdl	Thu Aug 27 12:54:28 2009 +0300
+++ b/net/lwip_tcpip/current/cdl/lwip_net.cdl	Thu Aug 27 16:42:43 2009 +0300
@@ -81,11 +81,9 @@
                     ecos/ppp.c                  \
                     ecos/sequential.c           \
                     ecos/simple.c               \
-                    ecos/sio.c                  \
                     ecos/sys_arch.c             \
                     netif/etharp.c              \
-                    netif/loopif.c              \
-                    netif/slipif.c
+                    netif/loopif.c
     cdl_option CYGIMP_LWIP_MODE {
         display         "Operation mode"
@@ -994,6 +992,9 @@
             default_value   0
             description     "
                 Support SLIP functionality."
+            compile ecos/slip.c  netif/slipif.c
             cdl_option CYGDAT_LWIP_SLIPIF_DEV {
                 display         "Serial device"

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