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ecos + lwip

Hi all,

I'm writing my app which makes use of the lwIP stack to send/recv packets.

I'm using lwIP that comes along with ecos-3.0 (which I think is ver 1.1.1).

I started by looking at the "test" examples given with lwIP. I noticed
that ALL examples
create 2 threads. One which simply starts and calls the following
functions and exits:


The thread started as part of sys_thread_new does the main
functionality of the app.
>From the source I saw that sys_thread_new() simply allocates resources necessary
for starting the lwIP stack and then schedules the user function for execution.

My question:

* Does the lwIP stack run within the context of the thread started by

* If my app has to start 2 threads, both creating separate sockets and
send/recv data over
  it, then should only one of them be created with a call to
sys_thread_new()? While the other
  one is started by our regular cyg_thread_create() and friends?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.


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