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Re: Problem executing anything on IXP425 based board, redboot is the bootloader

Ajit Mittal wrote:
> Thanks a lot for your help.

Please keep replies on the eCos mailing list so that all may benefit.
Private support is available with a support contract only.

> I have 2 same boards. both running same bootloader. On one openwrt
> linux is running fine.
> I created the redboot using intel from this link
> Instructions are clear and I know redboot build system like I use
> ecosconfig to build the environment for my baord and then use make
> utility for building it, but not expert in changing files.
> I load it through the ethernet and access it through serial consle. I
> have tried GDB but don't know how to troubleshoot it.
> Thanks again for helping me.

You've still not provided the info about how you configured your program.
Be specific - prose is inconcise and error prone.

Also, what are the *exact* commands you typed to RedBoot?

> On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 2:53 PM, Gary Thomas<> wrote:
>> Ajit Mittal wrote:
>>> Ihave a board with total RAM of 32 MB, 2 chips of 16  MB each. It has
>>> 8 MB flash.
>>> It has redboot bootloader and platform is IXP425 processor
>>> Booting is fine. I am able to load the program fine to memory but
>>> executing gives me an error grabage output on serial output after
>>> executing go or exec command like this
>>> "$T050f:01000000;0d:01fc0fec;#d6". I think memory/interrupt of
>>> the board is bad. How to test RAM.
>> This is not garbage; it's RedBoot telling you that there is
>> a problem executing the code.  This is a GDB protocol string.
>> You could try connecting via GDB to find out why (search the archives)
>>> If suppose RAM is bad. Is it possible to modify redboot and burn it again and
>>> then use only 16MB RAM.If yes how to do that or how to troubleshoot.
>> More importantly, tell us how you configured eCos to build
>> this program.  What steps did you use to load & execute it
>> (the actual RedBoot commands and the output when you run them).
>> Without this level of detail, we'd just be guessing...
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