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[ecos]hanger in printf

Following a recent update (Jan 09) of ecos from V2.0 to the "unstable" version and migration to the new gnutools arm-eabi of codesourcery, I run into a hanger of a printf statement:

void IsInitMode(void)
	static bool first = true;
	static unsigned long int t1, t0 = 0;	// time in units of 10 ms
	t1 = cyg_current_time();
	if ( ( t1 - t0 > 600 * SEC2TICS ) || first) { // msg repeats every minute
		first = false;
		printf("\nstatus is INIT - manual help required");
		t0 = t1;
} //end IsInitMode

No output appears on ser0 or ser1 and a breakpoint at t0 = is never reached.

When using diag_printf instead of printf, the message is output on ser1. My system is configured to use ser1 for diagnostics. In the earlier version, printf-output also appeared on ser1. I have digged somewhat into the problem, but no conclusion so far. I can see that the output (should?) go to stdiostream. Sometimes later it calls cyg_io_write, but the device-handle is zero. A configuration error? - but which? Thanks and regards

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