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Re: Redboot run image issues

My final intent is to get my redboot port to boot from the NAND flash.
I am trying to run this image  from NAND flash but it gets stuck even
before spitting anything on the console. Hence i turn to the BDI
debugger where i try running the image from RAM and see if it works.

I am running on a MX31 based board with Freescale PDK1.4.

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 9:30 PM, Chris Zimman <> wrote:
>> Whereas, when i load and runthe same redboot.bin from an existing
>> working version of "redboot.bin " in RAM, i get the following
>> : It gets stuck after printing "phys_addr=0x80100000" on the serial
>> console. I am guessing something somewhere is wrong in the memory
>> location but i am not sure where to start with. Would it be a problem
>> with the linker script, mlt file or something else?
>> ARe there other files in the HAL i need to look into? WHat actuallly
>> happens when "LaunchRunIMage" in the redboot code  is invoked??
> That's not going to work because the Redboot code isn't relocatable like
> that.  Like you can't just load it and launch it from any location.  If I
> understood you right, you're trying to launch a ROM or ROMRAM image from
> within Redboot.  This is probably not what you want.
> You can configure a Redboot image to be launched from RAM, but this is
> generally not necessary unless you're doing special things (eg. replacing a
> Reboot ROM mode image, etc.)
> Beyond that, without seeing what's going on in the HAL setup
> (hal_platform_setup.h), it's difficult to guess which of any number of things
> it may be tromping over that could cause it to hang.
> I'm still missing what it is that you're ultimately trying to do here.
> --Chris

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