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RE: Packed on a Arm Evaulation Board

Hi !

Well, didn't work. The code looks like:
  struct snejs
    char bokstav1;
    char bokstav2;
    char bokstav3;
    char bokstav4;
    short siffra1;
    long siffra2;
  } mojs;

And I tried to put the __attribute__  before snejs and after mojs, I tried to change the aligned(1) to aligned(2) as well.

2000-06-20 16:36

Subject:  RE: [ECOS] Packed on a Arm Evaulation Board

Security Level:?         Internal


  struct ABC { ...whatever... } __attribute__ ((aligned(1), packed));

On 20-Jun-00 wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm having a problem, I can't find out how to align data on even bytes.
> That is, if I create a struct with 4 uint8 (unsigned char) I want the struct to be 8 bytes in
> size.
> Why ? It's a requirment for a jvm I try to run. I've tried with __attribute__ ((packed)), which I
> thought worked when I tried to
> make a struct with one byte, one short and one interger.
> But I had lots of "funny" errors so I checked it up a bit more just to se that that 2 unsigned
> chars used only 16 bit together, not
> 16 bits EACH.
> Anybody got any idea how I should do instead ?
> yours
> Jens Ohlund

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