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RE: Threading on EDB7211

I'm using the cirrus logic edb7111-2 rev B board.
I think my network problems are related to the timer interrupt problems,
because what I see is
- system initializes,
- networking interface starts the cyg_netint thread.
- cyg_netint waits for netint_flags
- program starts whatever threads it need's
- one by one all threads yield (waiting for IO or somtheing like that)
- system enters Idle thread mode and stays there

 this is a scenario which enters IdleThread mode. Basicly what happens is
that because there are no (or very few) clock interrupts there is only
scheduling when a thread has to wait. Once  a thread starts running that
doesn't have to wait (e.g. IdleThread) the system stays in this thread and
keeps on doing what it thinks is useful work.

Hope this is useful background info,
I'm looking into today, I'll let you all know if I find something


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On 16-Jun-00 wrote:
> Did anybody solve this?
> I didn't notice this before, but in trying to get the networking code to
> run I noticed it.

I didn't hear anything back from him.  I'm not sure where to go with it
this code works on our boards.

As for your problems with networking; what platform are you trying to use?
Can you provide details as to the problems you are experiencing?

Notice that the Cirrus Logic EDB7209 board requires a hardware modification
for the networking to function.  See the README for details.

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