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Re: Problems making gcc

Alex Schuilenburg wrote:
> > ISTR talking to our man Al, whom I have copied this msg, about a similar
> > thing yesterday.  Al, can you shed any light on this?
> Yes.  Switch to the latest cygwin1.dll (1.1.2) released on Wednesday.  See
> for details on the fixes and
> on where to download.

Jens already said he was using 1.1.2, but read on.
> I managed to get around the problem initially by having the build directory
> mounted in text mode.

I'm somewhat sceptical that's the fix since the problem is on the drive
containing the sources, not the build tree.

No, my guess is that Jens installed the eCos patches to gcc 2.95.2 (which
include a patch to arm.h) when using cygwin 1.1.1, and then found this
problem and *then* updated to cygwin 1.1.2. By that point it was too late -
arm.h already had got CRs put in it.

So instead, now that Jens is using 1.1.2, he should unpack the original
tarball again and reapply the patches. All should then be happy.

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