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RE: MBX Board

>>>>> "amassa@cts" == amassa@cts com <> writes:

amassa@cts> It seems that there is some type of problem with the baud
amassa@cts> rate generator setup.  I am using version 1.3.1 of eCos.

amassa@cts> What directory are those commands run from?

Those are the command-line commands for building a stub. If you use
the config tool, try to remove the IO, IO_SERIAL and ERROR packages
before building the stub. It should reduce size a bit.

amassa@cts> Just for testing, I set the DIV16 bit in the BRGC1
amassa@cts> register when the baud rate is calculated in quicc_smc1.c
amassa@cts> line 111 (using 0x10001 instead of 0x10000).  And using
amassa@cts> the 40 MHz clock selection, I was able to see some output
amassa@cts> from the board.  I see a gdb packet come out and then the
amassa@cts> board keeps outputting ASCII character 0x81 (129 decimal).
amassa@cts> I then tried to run the eCos tests from the configuration
amassa@cts> tool and the host cannot connect to the target.

amassa@cts> Do you know what the problem might be?

No, sorry.

amassa@cts> Is it normal for the stub to output characters like this -
amassa@cts> I remember the email that Jonathan sent, he said that
amassa@cts> there would just be 1 packet from the board (stub) and it
amassa@cts> would be sent any time I hit return.  I don't see this
amassa@cts> behavior.

amassa@cts> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I feel I'm getting
amassa@cts> close to understanding what might be the problem.

Well, it seems you'll have to do some investigation on your own.


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