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Re: Problem when make gcc cross compiler for MIPS platform

Ling Su wrote:
> I delete all the registry information on cygwin, and run the setup.exe
> provided by the snapshot of cygwin1.1.1 website. It is pretty quick since I
> have downloaded all the necessary elements into an empty directory.
> Unfornately, the problem is still there.

I take it you mean the error:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot open crt0.o: No such file or directory

Odd. Can you cut-and-paste the output of the following?

cd /tmp
echo 'int main() {}' > fred.c
gcc -v fred.c

The output will be quite long!

> And this time, the programm doesn't
> add a item in the Start Menu like the cygwinB20 full.exe did. But I checked
> with the registry, it does add som Cygnus Solution entries.

Can you send me the setup.log file that should have been generated in the
same directory as setup.exe

> I remembered that I ever met the problem before when I tried to use the
> newest version, at least it ends up with the problem shown above, I have to
> reinstall from full.exe provided by CygwinB20 to get a work version Cygwin.
> I can not see it is a registry problem. Any other smooth method to upgrade
> the cygwin?

I can't see why this shouldn't work. I'm sorry that it is proving to be so
difficult finding out what is going on :-(. I'm determined to resolve this
for you!

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