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Open Cryptographic Framework (OCF) Interface for eCos

Hi all,

I am using ecos on a product that requires encryption. Our processor has
encryption engine hardware that we are going to leverage as much as
possible. The problem we found was that there really was no good place
to put the interface to our crypto engine in ecos. This is where OCF comes

Our current thought is that we could build out an OCF interface at the io
layer in ecos. That would provide a common interface to various crypto
engines across many platforms. Hence, an application that uses crypto
that makes use of the OCF interface would be portable to any other
board that ecos is running on that may have a different engine, but still
provides the same crypto functionality as needed by the app.

In the future, I see many crypto libs having to adopt some common interface
to take advantage of hardware crypto engines. OCF seems to have good

I would like to hear some thoughts or input on the following:

1. Does the io layer sound like the right place to do this?
2. Would this work be of interest to anyone else?
3. Would this work be a candidate for being included in the ecos tree?

Other thoughts and comments welcome as well.

Michael Bergandi

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