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Re: Port to ARM9 STR9 uC

Hi Jerzy

Thank you for sharing your eCos porting plans/progress.

jerzy dyrda wrote:

> Announcing of other ARM9 port remember me that I should do it in the same way 
> i.e. Now I'm developing port to ARM9 STR9 uC -> 
> but as a reference board I use such board MMstr912 -> 
> ( due to fact of lacking original 
> ST development board but this board is very close to "original").
> Current status of project is :
> - HAL
> - RTC - wallclock
> - watchdog
> - serial driver 
> - almost working ADC ;) - I still require info about triggering convertion
> - SPI - in develop
> BTW.
> I looked on "Contributions and Development Projects" -> 
> but I'm still confused
> How can I register project ?

Start as you have done, by talking about your plans on the ecos-devel
mailing list and giving other people in the community an opportunity to

Is your port based on current CVS?

As with Richard Rauch's port to AT91SAM9G45, you should bear in mind the
patch of Evgeniy Dushistov which re-organises the ARM7/ARM9 abstraction:

We really must get Evgeniy's patch reviewed as soon as possible.

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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