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Re: Port to Atmel ARM9 Microcontroller SAM9G4

Hi Richard

> I want to announce a development project. It is an eCos port to the Atmel's
> ARM9 microcontroller family, in particular a port to the SAM9G45.
> It is planned to contribute the result of the project to the eCos
> repository.
> I would be very glad to get some response, whether the planned port is of
> common interest!

A port to the AT91SAM9G45 is undoubtedly of value to the eCos community.
Thank you for announcing your plans early. This helps other members of
the community in their own planning.

We do need to be careful about merge work here. There is a patch from
Evgeniy Dushistov which provides support for the AT91SAM9236-EK board
and also re-organises the ARM7/ARM9 abstraction:

I would say that it makes sense to base any further work off a
repository with this patch applied. However, the patch is still subject
to review.

Would you like the maintainers to register your project? Details at:

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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