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Re: Implementing JVM for ecos

Andrea Scian <andrea.scian <at>> writes:
> Unfortunately I had no more time after the thesis to work on Wonka, but the
> last time I run it on my board it was working with some of my test
> applications.
> As I previously sayd I've also run some benchmark for academic purpose like
> jMocha suite (from IBM, not all the tests), LinPack & SciMark 2.0 and they
> all complete successfully on both JVM.

Then your kaffe arm port presumably works better on arm then what's on
;) At least on strong arm, kaffe's jit seems to break for me whenever I use kjc
to rebuild the class library,  :(
> I feel proud to contribute to Wonka port on eCos.
> I think the best way to do it is to create a patch from the JVM version I
> was working on agains the original one and let someone to do the rest.
> Again: at the moment I have not so much time to spend on it but I will give
> you support whenever I can.

If you have the permission to publish your work, and feel like it after helping
with the Wonka port, I'd be grateful to integrate your patches into the tree, too. There is no port for arm-uclinux in kaffe's CVS. 

In case you have some published benchmark results online, I'd be interested in
how well/bad kaffe performs on arm/uclinux, too.

You can catch the kaffe devs on #kaffe on, or on the mailing
list. Currently there is only one regular italian developer, though ;)

dalibor topic

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