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Re: [ECOS] Implementing JVM for ecos

On Monday 12 July 2004 06:58, Saurabh Agarwal wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just heard from thje mailing list itself that JVM is not implemented
> in ecos and in todays scenario as j2me is at peak i think it will be
> quite nice to implement jvm on ecos.

Then you're not paying attention. :) At least Wonka and Kaffe have been ported 
to eCos. The Wonka port was working on StrongARM, but will need some work to 
get it to build because some internal APIs have changed a bit; plus Wonka 
currently assumes an MMU in the way it manages its heap. I know it's possible 
to remove the dependency on MMU because I've done it. :) Last year an Italian 
student called Andrea Scian was working on Wonka-arm7-eCos, but I'm not sure 
what she finally achieved. Kaffe on eCos exists for Hitachi architecture, so 
you should be able to get that working in ARM7 too.

There are several other open-source VMs, but I don't know how easy they will 
be to port to eCos and to MMU-less systems; for example some VMs use the MMU 
to detect NullPointerException.

As far as J2ME is concerned, Wonka aims at J2ME CDC; so far as I am aware all 
other open-source VMs are J2SE, so for embedded devices some degree of 
stripping-down will be necessary. I don't know of any open source VM 
targeting J2ME CLDC.
> So I want to implement JVM in ecos if anybody have any pointers
> relating to implementing jvm and want  to help we can look toward it.
> Any participants are invited.

Kaffe:, and
For a list of other open-source VMs see
stories.html#jvm .

Best wishes

Chris Gray                      /k/ Embedded Java Solutions
Embedded & Mobile Java, OSGi                         +32 3 216 0369

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