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eCos 2.0 Beta Development CDROM

eCosCentric, in conjunction with the eCos maintainers, are pleased to
announce that they will be selling eCos 2.0 Beta Development CDROMs of
the eCos 2.0 Beta release.

For only US $50 / UK £30 / €50, this CDROM will simplify installation
and evaluation of the latest eCos code for both new and existing eCos
and RedBoot users and developers.

The CDROM contains an installer, the full eCos and RedBoot 2.0 Beta
release, full eCos documentation in HTML format, the cygwin tools for
Windows' hosted developers and, for the first time a complete set of
pre-compiled Linux and Windows GNU toolchains (with sources) for all the
major architectures that eCos and RedBoot support (i.e. arm-elf,
h8300-elf, i386-elf, mipsisa32-elf, mn10300-elf, powerpc-eabi, sh-elf,

To order online, visit

Alternatively, those in Europe may order by post by sending a cheque
(U.K. or EuroCheque) in pounds sterling, made out to "eCosCentric
Limited" to the company's registered address below, including a note
with your name and delivery address. This is the preferred method if
ordering from Europe.

     eCosCentric Limited
     47 High Street
     West Wickham
     CB1 6RY
     United Kingdom

Delivery will be by post within days of the formal eCos 2.0 Beta release
announcement for orders received prior to the announcement.

Yours sincerely
-- Alex Schuilenburg

Managing Director / CEO                      eCosCentric Limited         The eCos and RedBoot experts

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