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Re: [docbook] userinput and quotes


On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 10:07:07AM -0500, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> A friend of mine has been trying to figure out how to get quotes inside of
> an inline example of what to type.
> 	<userinput>DefaultSafeFormat&equals;<quote>.rtf</quote></userinput>
> The problem is, <quote> is not allowed inside <userinput>. I've been
> looking through the DTD and cannot find an inline alternative for him to
> use. He doesn't want <programlisting> because it's not displayed as inline
> after processing.

If the actual user input will be DefaultSafeFormat=".rtf", then you
probably want the quotes literally in the text.  To me it makes sense
that all of this is unbroken text of a userinput element.  If you wanted
to emphasize that the value should be that string, you might use
<literal>".rtf"</literal>, but it seems to me that the entire user input
is, in fact, a type of literal, in which case this would be redundant.

One useful way to mark this up might be:


which adds more information about the structure of what the user is

The quote[0] element, on the other hand, is meant to represent a piece
of text taken from an external source: a quotation.

Take care,

  John L. Clark

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