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[docbook] How to format a check-list like output.


I am quite new to docbook but obtaining usefull results.
I would like to use it as a main documentation tool but for that
purpose, I need absolutely the following :

1. Output in html, pdf and eventually rtf.
2. Normal text segmentation with sections, paragraphs, lists (bulletted
or numbered), ...
3. Correct rendering of complex tables.
4. A way to render "checklists".

Point 1 : OK, just didn't manage to get rtf for the moment (but it is
not a "must have" for me).
Point 2 : more than perfect.
Point 3 : I get unperfect but usable results (still investigating).

Point 4 : No solution found, reason for this mail.

What I hear by "check-list" is something like this :

ENG ANTI ICE ................................. AS RQRD
 If icing conditions description text blah blah descri
 ption text blah blah description text blah blah descr
 iption text blah blah

WING ANTI ICE ................................ AS RQRD

APU MASTER switch (if APU not required) .......... OFF

ANNOUNCE ....................... "CLEAR TO DISCONNECT"

This consists (in bold style) of an item (left part), an action on this
item (right part) and an optional decription of the action.

Left parts are aligned left.
Right parts are aligned right.
Left and right part are joined by a serie of dot (or any other mean).

The description is in smaller font size, with small vertical space
between it and the action it describes. And indented to the right.

I tried to get this kind of output using the docbook elements but
without results.
A table didn't help.

Thanks for your help.


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