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Re: [docbook] Re: DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 20 May 2003

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 06:59:52PM +0200, Tobias Reif wrote:
> Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
> > When writing about XML in DocBook, I think I used the sgmltag element
> > to indicate multiple things: element names, attribute names, entity
> > names, notation names, etc. If we're going to change sgmltag, then
> > reather than replacing it with half a dozen different elements,
> > perhaps it should just be xmlname?
> But Jirka's point was that element names can't start with "xml" [1].
> Perhaps "markupobject", "markupxml", "xmarkup", "xname", "xobject"?

Replacing an sgml-sounding feature with an xml-sounding one does not
really seem appealing to me (esp. given my bias towards sgml ;).

"markupobject" is more general than both, and may even be used to
refer to stuff outside the sgml/xml scope.  I vote for this one !

Yann Dirson <>       
Technical support manager                Responsable de l'assistance technique
Senior Free-Software Consultant          Consultant senior en Logiciels Libres
Debian developer (                        Développeur Debian

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