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Re: [docbook] Docbook and SVG howto

Thanks for your answer...
I begin to ready the part of Bob Staytons book about
it. I have last question: What svg editor do you use?

> Really simple, if you use external files. Just do
> exactly, what you would 
> do with a PNG file.
> If however you want to embed the svg into a docbook
> document, ou need to 
> use Norm SVG extensiom (see
> Note, hoever, that e.g. although FOP and Batik works
> quite nicely 
> together, you will not yet be able to use all SVG
> elements. Partly because 
> the integration isn't perfect yet, and partly due to
> limitations in the 
> PDF format. I have no experience with XEP/Anthenna
> House and SVG yet.
> As always, check Bob Staytons book
> ( in 
> chater 15, which normally have an answer to
> everything you ever wan't to 
> ask about docbook, and quite often to things you
> really do not need to 
> know :). 
> Regards,
> Jens

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