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[docbook] Re: NNTP Threads into docbook?

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/ Galen Boyer <galenboyer at hotpop dot com> was heard to say:
| We have an internal newserver that has almost completely replaced email
| and email lists, (pats himself on the back).  We also have docbook as

I have mixed feelings about that one, but if it works for you...

| our documentation standard for our subsidiary of the company I'm working
| for (pats himself on the back).  Now, what I'd like to do is tie the
| newsgroup to the documentation.  I'd like to be able to reference some
| newsgroup article id and have some process retrieve it and then slap a
| set of docbook tags around it.  Maybe, qandset, maybe appendix, maybe
| just straight CDATA.  Anyways, what I'm really trying to do is directly
| turn conversations into documentation when the documentor decides a
| particular conversation is relevant.  This way, the chosen articles are
| at the discretion of the documentor, but our electronic communication
| vehicle can also be used to capture documentation.  Just like you talk
| to someone in the hall and go change the spec, I'd like to "talk" to
| anybody in our enterprise and be able to have that as footnotes, or
| whatever.
| Anyways, is anybody doing anything similar.  Thoughts?

Code up your processor so that a URI of the form "mid:messageId"; (or
maybe there's something better for NNTP, I'm not sure), is resolved by
going off and getting the relevant message from the server.

Once you have the message in hand, you can do whatever you'd like with

                                        Be seeing you,

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