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[docbook] RE : [docbook] Schema and MS Office beta


	I'm not sure to understand precisely your English (french people
are not good in languages), but I'm sure to feel enough of your
situation to answer. That's why I send a copy of your text to a
developer in a french government agency, he will understand your
situation much better than me.

	About MS.Office.XML, we are waiting our copy; I didn't realize
that it was a problem to express an opinion on a public list. After some
reflexion, in a society with too much lawyers, it's seems to me possible
but very abstract.

> Where can I find an automatic converter for DTD to WXS?

	I saw but not really tested
(from your DTD to RelaxNG syntax)
I can also cite the README of the docbook W3C.schema version in CVS
"These files were generated with RELAX NG schema with Trang,"; (seems to also support dtd2wxs)

	But for me, the only thing I really used was the tools of the
XML.SPY editor (Windows only). I thought it was possible to begin with
that, but the generated code was so ugly that it was easier to begin on
a white page.

	I share your opinion that the bigger problem in XML is
production. It's not easy to promote usage of good editors like Xmetal
in real life organisations. That's why I'm also very interested in this
MS.Office release.


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> De?: joseph dot a dot gilvary at census dot gov [mailto:joseph dot a dot gilvary at census dot gov]
> Envoyé?: jeudi 10 avril 2003 15:39
> À?: docbook at lists dot oasis-open dot org
> Cc?: Frédéric Glorieux
> Objet?: [docbook] RE : [docbook] Schema and MS Office beta
> Fred,
> So far I'm still trying to get permission here to bring my own
> machine in and do the work I described. The government is
> much more security conscious than it was a few years ago.
> Even if I get permission, I will not be allowed to connect my
> machine to the network. That is not a problem for me, though.
> I normally run Linux, but ordered a laptop with Windows XP
> specifically to learn about the XML support coming up in the
> new MS Office. This can be a strong boost for XML in the
> routine processing of information in offices.
> I tried using the DTD with WordPerfect v9 and v10, but the
> results so far still require too much sophistication on the
> part of the user. I can use it, you would be able to use it,
> anyone on this list would be able to use it, but most
> programmers and their support (clerical staff, etc) would
> not be able to use it easily.
> When I do start working with the Office, either here, on another
> assignment, or on my own, I'll check the license to see if I'm
> allowed to comment on the experience. I'd hate to have MS sue
> me because I mentioned specific features of the beta online.
> ;)
> Wait, that's not funny. Oh, well, we live in interesting times.
> Where can I find an automatic converter for DTD to WXS?
>  Thanks,
>  Joe

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