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[docbook] toc enhancement ?


	Sorry to add one more "non compelling" topic.

	In spite that "in real life, ToCs are usually generated
automatically by the presentation system and never have to be
represented explicitly in the document source", we are using them.

	I just check the new website and discover that you also, in
layout.xml (sorry, I haven't tested this last one, but have ever used an
elder version). 

So, we are using a <toc/> in an "index.xml" for each docbook folder

 - as a navigation, because some browsers allow cliking links in XML
(and add images, very nice for authors before transformation)
 - as a driver for different transformations (html navigation, build a

According to the DTD, our entries are
	<ulink url="*.*" role="title">page 1</ulink>
	<phrase role="abstract"> 
Could be used to provide a short description when the linked document is
a binary
	<phrase role="modification">provide a date when it's impossible
to XSL extract on from the target document </phrase>

	This format is also used as a virtual toc, build and matched by
	Have you found interest to add meta-datas in a <tocentry/>? 

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