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Re: Manpages in Linux

Hi Karif,

   I'm far from an expert,  but perhaps this helps:

On Thursday 25 April 2002 09:18 pm, you wrote:
> Problems:
> The docbook2man utility does not handle XML properly.

Actually, the version I'm running claims not to support XML at all.  However, 
I find that "docbook2pdf", for example, works fine with my XML docbooks. It 
emits a complaint about my <!DOCBOOK header, but then proceeds to generate a 
fine pdf file.   YMMV, of course.

> Some of the docbooks rules are not good for my purposes (pending).

Not a clue what this means.

> DocBook XML is poorly documented and it is hard to find samples.

I feel your pain.  Actually, I find that there's a plethora of stuff out 
there.  Much of it, however, assumes I know more than I do.  I keep feeling 
that Real Soon Now it'll all come together, but I'm not quit there yet. 

I live with Norm Walsh's book: "DocBook: The definitive guide" at my elbow.  
Per your problem, he gives docbook examples for documenting a command and a C 

RefEntry is your friend here, I think.

> I can't find an XML parser and Validator for Linux or Unix.

Hmmm ... Did you ask Google about "validating xml parser"?  I certainly get 
hits for that.  I've used Xerces, but there are certainly others. 


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