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characters technical iso entities with docbook-xml,and a mathml question

How to use this iso-tech ?

I see that docbook-xsl includes automatically iso-entities, so if I try to 
expand ∈ ( for math element is in set, symbol ) i get the right 
expansion to ∊ but nothing happens to rendered object html of pdf 
whatever it is... instead I get a square empty not connected to any glyphs.

Okay, docbook-xml and docbook-xsl doesn't provides this glyphs images, but I 
provided them using glyphs from "SGML - The Definitive Guide" by N.Walsh, 
from cvs on docbook sourceforge.

Right on, I have to remap to wrote a thing like

<inlinegraphic entityref="U2208"/> to insert the &isin; symbol, but
1) 2208 doesn't match predefined 220A from docbook-xsl
2) U2208 isn't a mnemonic name, but "isin" would be
3) If I use U2208 with a direct ENTITY U2208 SYSTEM to .png of .jpg image 
refence, I get the image, but that gets a vertical space not adjusted to the 
horizontal editing line... I try to use attributes 'depth' and 'width' 
without major results because images have effectively blank area upper and 
bottom to it, and doesn't fit neither in size or vertical centering with 
horizontal text line.

How do I do to use these external character entities to make some simple 
formula in docbook-xml ?, please...

MathML question: Doesn't mathml produce graphic output in favour of equation 
edited ? I need a browser that supports MathML... and all other see my 
page... Should I use mathML in some months when mozilla supports MathML in a 
good fashion, I don't be able to use Mozilla to see MathML, I have compiled 
Mozilla from sources without SVG support because I dont' found 
libart-moz-gpled modified... In any case, if interesting, I have mozilla 
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:0.9.8) Gecko/20020410 <developer 


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