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Re: What should a <sidebar> look like?

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 03:28:15PM -0500, Jason Foster wrote:
> I had this crazy idea that the <sidebar> element would be appropriate.  It'
> s not perfect, as I don't think a <sidebar> can be a child of a <para> 
> which means my sidebars will always line up with the top of a paragraph, 
> but it's pretty close.

This is not the semantics for <sidebar>.  TDG says it is "A portion of
a document that is isolated from the main narrative flow".

What you want looks like a specific rendering of so-called
<footnotes>, but it's not possible to express that with
simple-page-sequences I'm afraid.

OTOH, it can be seen as a rendering issues of the page-footnote
flow-objects passed to jadetex (they are an extention over DSSSL), and
maybe a small piece of TeX wizardry in a jadetex.cfg could put them
into the margin.

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