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How to use different db-customizations together correctly


I'd like to know how to use different db-customizations like website,
dbmathml, dbsvg, dbebnf all at once and do this correctly, if possible
only by using a single dtd-driver.

I ask this because I'm using dbmathml on my homepage generated with the
help of website. What I did to accomplish this was:

Make my own website-driver redefining some param-entities such that I
could use complete docbook instead of simplified together with website.
Make a new website-custom-mathml.dtd to include dbmathml.dtd through the
docbook param-ent.

What makes me wonder if this is correct, is the requirement to make that
website-custom-mathml.dtd which couldn't be done just within my own
website-driver. Am I supposed to "chain" all needed customizations that
way? What happens if they redefine the same param-ents concerning content
models? This wouldn't work because only the first declaration gets
precedence over all following, would it?



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