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Re: DTD for text of Literature ?

I would say that Docbook would probaby work _allright_ for something like
this, keeping in mind that one would not need most of the tags, and that
things that are specifically formatted (such as specific use of bold or
italics) might be changed depending on the DSSL you're using.

The question really becomes, is it _your_ work or someone else's work.
I think if it were someone else's work, I might be concerned that use of
Docbook on it and the resulting page produced might be formatted
differently from the original in such a way that the author might take
it as a violation of copyright (even if you are allowed to copy it).

Where in the past it has been up to the typesetter to put the formatting
in a document, modern day writers have become asccumstom to making those
typesetting decisisions themselves.

I don't know any other DTD, but that would be _my_ concern with using
Docbook- but my fears may be unfounded as I'm just starting.

- Serge Wroclawski

 On Wed, 13 Dec 2000 wrote:

> Hi,
> I look for a DTD for Literature text (roman, Novel,
> poetique,...)
> DOCBOOK is it OK for this?
> Or have you an URL for an other DTD more adapted.

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