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Re: DocBook: lists within lists

/ Brendan J Simon <> was heard to say:
| > No one has ever asked for nested segmented lists, or lists
| > within segmented lists. I don't recall if they are absent by
| > design or oversight. Can you explain why you want to do this?
| What's so unusual about having a list within a list ?
| A segmentedlist is no different to any other type of list, as far as I'm
| concerned.

Segmented lists are a bit odd, they're very nearly an alternate
representation for tabular material.

| I am new to DocBook and the structure of the segmentedlist seems a bit
| unintuative to me.  I probably am misusing it or misunderstanding the purpose
| of the segmentedlist.

Does help?

| To me, all the different list types perform the same role, with a different
| output style.

Itemized and ordered lists have some of that flavor, but variable lists
(definition lists), segmented lists, and simple lists are different.

                                        Be seeing you,

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                                   | human genius, are destined to
                                   | extinction--Bertrand Russell

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