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Re: Docbook and XSL stylesheets

C'est ainsi que madhu ( s'exprimait:

] > jadetex 2.12 is at
] > I can't say I am
] > happy with it.

Do you mean it's not usable for now ?
] > 
] > why do you include passivetex?

Because, during the "compilation" of jadetex, on a dumb RH 6.1 it failed.
After adding passivetex, jadetex could then be "compiled".

It seems to be related to 2.10 version, as 2.7 didn't need it before.
] > 
] > hyperref is at 6.70 now, FWIW

] > 
] not only passivetex is included also now jadetex from this site is dependant on 
] passivetex. that is you need to install pasivetex to install jadetex.

Yes, because if you want to be able to rebuild the whole set, you need
passivetex which isn't provided on a standard RH6.1.

] also if you upgrade from your present jadetex 2.7 the whole structure is
] changed  so it doesn't work
] db2html barfs that there is no jadetex  in /usr/bin/jadetex

I suppose I have to give some background :-)
In fact, these packages were done so that I can install all what
is needed on a RH 6.1 machine to be able to generate my SGML documentation.
I first used sgmltools, that I compiled. But each time a new version of DSSSL
or something else is out, I have to regenerate the whole thing, which 
became to be heavy. Plus I wanted to know more on the system and get rid
of the sgmltools themselves and keep only the base bricks. I don't like
Python, as far as I can read ;-)
So I decided that the best, for me, was to create RPMs which I can 
install at will on a new machine to have all my environment.

With which package does db2html come ? I can't find it in my sources.
So it's clear that I didn't install it. BTW, I didn't have it before

I have just updated my Make file to do things like :

$(CIBLE-L).ps: $(SRC)
        jade -t tex -d $(CIBLE-L).dsl'#print' -V tex-backend -c $(CIBLE).cat -o 
$(CIBLE-L).tex $(CIBLE-L).sgml
        hugelatex -fmt=jadetex -mltex $(CIBLE-L)
        hugelatex -fmt=jadetex -mltex $(CIBLE-L)
        hugelatex -fmt=jadetex -mltex $(CIBLE-L)
        dvips -o $(CIBLE-L).ps $(CIBLE-L).dvi

$(CIBLE-L)/index.html: $(SRC)
        rm -rf $(CIBLE-L)
        mkdir -p $(CIBLE-L)
        (cd $(CIBLE-L) ; jade -t sgml -c ../$(CIBLE).cat -d ../$(CIBLE-L).dsl'#h
tml' ../$(CIBLE-L).sgml)

And so on...
So you have there the basics packages.
If you need more tools, maybe other packages sets are better for your
I repeat : these were useful for me. I put them on ftp. They surely
have limits, bugs, ... But they can't provide functions they don't

Sorry for so bad explanations, my english is as poor as my RPMs ;-)

Bruno Cornec  Centre de compétences Logiciels Libres Tél: 01 69 33 73 14
                      Médasys Digital Systems        Fax: 01 69 33 73 02
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