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<type> and <link> in <funcsynopsis>

Dear DocBook users:

Consider the following DocBook <funcsynopsis>:

        #include &lt;Support.h&gt;
          <link linkend="Const-Text"><type>Const_Text</type></link>
          <link linkend="Status"><type>Status</type></link>

Looks good to me except that Jade gives me errors like

jade:support.sgml:181:19:E: document type does not allow element "TYPE"
here; assuming missing "FUNCTION" start-tag
jade:support.sgml:183:21:E: end tag for "FUNCTION" omitted, but OMITTAG
NO was specified
jade:support.sgml:181:14: start tag was here
jade:support.sgml:185:40:E: document type does not allow element "LINK"
here; missing one of "PARAMETER", "REPLACEABLE", "FUNCPARAMS" start-tag

I consider the exclusion of <link> (and <xref>) and <type> (especially)
in <funcdef> and <paramdef> to be a bug.   A type is almost always the
first part of these elements and sometimes refers to a type definition
in another part of the document.


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