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Re: JadeTeX issues (Was RE: PDF graphics)

Adam Di Carlo writes:
 > Actually, I think it would be highly possible and in fact desirable to
 > eliminate the jadetex/pdfjadetex "layer" entirely.  In short, writing
 > a jade backend that just used PlainTeX (right?) instead of requiring a
 > specific Jade macro set (which is based on LaTeX).

an even better solution would be to write a native formatter on the
back, borrowing perhaps from the XSL FO FOP project

do you suggest that jade -t should simply emit TeX primitives?  thats
not impossible, but it would require vast amounts of work. and it does 
not absolve you from problems of fonts, graphics inclusions,
hypertext, etc which are non-standard in TeX

 > There would be many advantages to this approach; for one, it wouldn't
 > require additional software to be installed. 

additional to what? what is your concept of a base TeX system? If you 
take what Knuth distributes, that really blows you out of the
water. You get no font metrics of any use, for starters.

 > whole thing would be easier to maintain.  In fact, I think this is the
 > approach that Sebastian (the JadeTeX author) is taking with
 > PassiveTeX, although that system is XSL rather than DSSSL based.

not so. PassiveTeX is at exactly the same level as
JadeTeX. Higher, in fact, as it interprets XML markup rather than


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