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Re: Margin of table cells

Karlheinz Eckmeier 46372 <> writes:

> In version 1.52 of the dsssl modular stylesheets the following
> workaround was introduced (dbtable.dsl):
> ;; seems to be a bug in JadeTeX -- we get a wierd indent on table
> ;;   cells for the first line only.  This is a workaround.
> ;; Adam Di Carlo,
> (define %cals-cell-before-column-margin% 
>   (cond ((equal? (print-backend) 'tex)
>          0pt)
>         (else
>          3pt)))
> Ok, this prevents the wierd indent on table cells, so all lines in a
> cell are indent the same way - with no indent at all. 
> Is there also a workaround to indent the now properly aligned cell
> content?

No, not really.  Probalby the jadetex just needs reworking or

> I had a look into the jadetex macros trying to find the defective code.
>  "\hskip \CellBeforeColumnMargin" within the following macro seems not 
> to be up to the task to indent the cell contents correctly. 
> Now, unfortunately are my TeX skills not deep enough to suggest a fix.
> Anybody out there, to help out??

Sebastian does sometime fix bugs in JadeTeX, but he says the table
implemention is totally screwed and needs a gut rewrite, which he is
not inclined to do (PassiveTeX seems to be his vision of what should
replace jadetex).

Sorry.... I guess you could try to find a TeXpert and pay them to fix

.....Adam Di<URL:>

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