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SVG and DocBook XML to PDF

Hello all,

I've been trying to figure out how to munge SVG images into a DocBook 
XML document for transformation into PDF using FOP.

I've stumbled on Norm's dbsvg dtd and one brief exchange on this list 
between Norm and Bill Lawrence back in April, but the discussion was too 
brief to be very comprehensible to me (I'm new to the XML stylesheets 
and XML in general).  I'm not even sure I understand what the dtd does, 
or how to use it (or more importantly, whether it is even related to my 

In my current situation, I don't necessarily need a general approach 
(though that wouldn't be a negative thing).  If necessary, I can plug 
the SVG image definition directly into the header template for the 
stylesheet, for I don't need to call the SVG from the XML 
file itself--it can be hardcoded into the XSL files

But I'm not real sure how where to I anywhere near the right 
track, or is there some other vector graphic format I should be trying 
to use for my PDF output?

Can I just stick an <fo:instream-foreign-object><svg:> sequence in the 
docbook xsl header or footer or margin template somewhere and have it 
work in a reasonable fashion?  Is there a better, and more general 
purpose, way to do this?

Thanks for any enlightenment anyone can provide.
                      Joe Cooper <>
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