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Newbie question about XMetaL and XEmacs

I'm an IT manager and I'm trying to move my group away from creating 
documentation in Word to a more Web-friendly environment, such as by using 
DocBook. I've spent some free time over the last few weeks investigating my 
options and am at present working my way through a tutorial I found linked 
from the OASIS site for setting up Emacs on Windows NT (by Markus 
Hoenicka). I'm actually using XEmacs, so there are some slight differences 

I've also just downloaded a trial version of XMetaL, as I saw a note on the 
OASIS site that indicated DocBook support "out of the box".

I am interested in feedback from those using DocBook on Windows as to which 
environment they feel is most straightforward for a bunch of 
non-professional writers. Secondly, XMetaL doesn't seem to support DocBook 
(although its help uses the term DocBook in what seems a generic sense, 
rather than relating to the DocBook DTD). Is it as straightforward as 
applying the DocBook download archive to XMetaL to provide DocBook support?

Thanks in advance,

Des Dougan

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