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Re: Q) newbie to docbook and chunking

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Michael Smith wrote:

> And motivation will come only when more people switch to using
> PassiveTeX or FOP, report bugs, make enhancement requests to the
> developers. The more people and groups that keep on using Jade/DSSSL
> instead, the less that further development/refinement of open-source
> XSLFO apps is helped.

Also, use and development of XSL-FO tools will help W3C to finalize XSL as
a stable standard, because they want feedback from implementers as part of
their standardization process.  As of this writing only half of the XSL
standard, XSLT, has achieved W3C Recommendation status.  The other half of
the standard, Formatting Objects, are still a candidate recommendation.

I think the best route to take at this point will be to use both DSSSL and
XSL, use the latter whenever possible, only revert to the former if
present implementations stumble (in which case feedback to the developers
of FOP or whatever tool fails would be good).

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