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Re: Q) newbie to docbook and chunking

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Vladimir Ivanovic wrote:

> On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Rafael R. Sevilla wrote:
>   > (standard TeX installations that come with the Linux distros I use
>   > don't work very well...I had to get the 250 meg TeXLive ISO to do
>   > it!).
> Trying to head off a bad-rap-in-the-making...

Fine, but read the whole post first next time before you do it.

> I haven't had any problems in years with the teTeX that comes with (Red
> Hat) Linux. Of course, it doesn't have all the macros one needs, but
> that's to be expected: the last TeXLive distro came on 3 CDs!

Never had any problems with it either, at least until the day I decided to
use PassiveTeX.

> I use twenty or so packages, PSTricks, Seminar, several Adobe Type 1
> fonts, etc. The only thing I did was rebuild `initex' to have larger
> default values for memory.
> I'm also using a stock teTeX distribution to for my DocBook print
> (currently with DSSSL). Again, it's worked flawlessly.

Good to hear that.  But I don't use the DSSSL stylesheets.

> So, what problems have you had, other than those due to not reading the
> documentation or to operator error?

Well, you clearly didn't understand the context of that statement I made.
It was about PassiveTeX.  Since you use DSSSL to make DocBook print, I
doubt that you use this tool.  I initially tried to use it with the teTeX
that is installed by Red Hat, and it failed to work, probably due to
incompatible versions of the macros it uses. Since Sebastian Rahtz stated
on the PassiveTeX web page that he used the TeXLive CD to test it, I
uninstalled teTeX and installed a TeX system from there instead.  The
resulting setup worked fine.

Try going the XSL route, and use PassiveTeX as your XSL Formatting Objects
processor.  If you can get the current teTeX installed by Red Hat out of
the CD to work with it, only following the instructions on the PassiveTeX
website (i.e. install xmltex), my hat goes off to you.  Apparently teTeX
1.06 is not a modern enough TeX distribution to work with PassiveTeX.

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