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Re: Reference element and chapter numbering

/ Vladimir Ivanovic <> was heard to say:
| I replaced Appendix A  with a Reference. Now my chapters are numbered 1,
| 2, 3, I, A  whereas they were formerly numbered 1, 2, 3, A, B.
| I could live with 1, 2, 3, 4, A, but where does "I" come from? I've
| never seen roman numerals as chapter-like numbers in a book when arabic
| numerals exist. 

Parts are often numbered with roman numbers (Part I, Part II, etc.) and
the stylesheets treat References like Parts.

| To "fix" this, I tried using

Use this instead:

(define (en-label-number-format-list)
   (list (normalize "set")		"1")
   (list (normalize "book")		"1")
   (list (normalize "prefix")		"1")
   (list (normalize "part")		"I")
   (list (normalize "chapter")		"1")
   (list (normalize "appendix")		"A")
   (list (normalize "reference")	"A") ;; or 1
   (list (normalize "example")		"1")
   (list (normalize "figure")		"1")
   (list (normalize "table")		"1")
   (list (normalize "procedure")	"1")
   (list (normalize "step")		"1")
   (list (normalize "refsect1")		"1")
   (list (normalize "refsect2")		"1")
   (list (normalize "refsect3")		"1")
   (list (normalize "sect1")		"1")
   (list (normalize "sect2")		"1")
   (list (normalize "sect3")		"1")
   (list (normalize "sect4")		"1")
   (list (normalize "sect5")		"1")
   (list (normalize "section")		"1")

But now that I think about it, this will generate 1, 2, 3, A, A, ...

So you probably need this as well:

(define (reference-number-sibling-list cmp) (normalize "appendix"))
(define (appendix-number-sibling-list cmp)  (normalize "reference"))

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | The man with ten children is | better off than the one with ten
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | thousand fonts of type, because
                                   | the man with ten children doesn't
                                   | want any more.

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