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Re: Printing double-sided with PassiveTex

Matthias Gutbier writes:
 > I use docbook XSL version 1.40 and PassiveTex.
 > Printing with the "double-sided" option causes several problems:
 > 1) Chapter 1 starts after the TOC on the left-hand side page with page
 > number 1. The next chapter starts with an even page number at the right hand
 > side. If I globally change the attribute "end-on-even" to "end-on-odd",
 > everything works fine (but "end-on-odd" is definitely the wrong attribute).
 > A PassiveTex bug ?
now fixed, I hope

 > 2) The page header should print right aligned on odd and left aligned on
 > even pages. Instead, it prints justified. Responsible are the attributes
 > "left" and "right", which are obviously not supported in PassiveTex. I
 > changed them to "start" and "end" and got nearly what I expected. But the
 > header is still not aligned with the text in the body. There is a small
 > indentation at the left and right margin. Does anybody know a solution (ex.
 > to set the margin for the header)?
I am looking at that, and will try to add "left" and "right" support 

 > 3) Images in "mediaobject" print always left aligned (but I specified
 > "center").
what does it come out as in the .fo file?


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