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Printing double-sided with PassiveTex

Title: Printing double-sided with PassiveTex

I use docbook XSL version 1.40 and PassiveTex.
Printing with the "double-sided" option causes several problems:

1) Chapter 1 starts after the TOC on the left-hand side page with page number 1. The next chapter starts with an even page number at the right hand side. If I globally change the attribute "end-on-even" to "end-on-odd", everything works fine (but "end-on-odd" is definitely the wrong attribute). A PassiveTex bug ?

2) The page header should print right aligned on odd and left aligned on even pages. Instead, it prints justified. Responsible are the attributes "left" and "right", which are obviously not supported in PassiveTex. I changed them to "start" and "end" and got nearly what I expected. But the header is still not aligned with the text in the body. There is a small indentation at the left and right margin. Does anybody know a solution (ex. to set the margin for the header)?

Other problems:

3) Images in "mediaobject" print always left aligned (but I specified "center").

4) While parsing my document, I get a warning message, that the  label "page.citation" could not be found (any idea, how this label should look like ? I assume I have to add it to my language settings).

I just found it in "zh_tw" as "  <gentext key="page.citation" text="&#38913;"/>"

Thanks for any help

Matthias Gutbier
IHS Technologies GmbH
Product Manager

Phone.: +49 89 540924 70
Fax.:   +49 89 540924 10

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