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Re: Q. DocBook and PSGML using split document

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On Friday 15 June 2001 12:23 am, Jeffrey Franks wrote:
> The problem is that I can't edit the pieces because the DOCTYPE
> declaration is missing on purpose. PSGML provides Emacs with that neat 
> way of providing clues so that the parent file is specified. I've read
> the PSGML docs and just can't figure out what to put into the various
> fields (see section


  1.  Your master document is called book.sgml

  2.  Each chapter has its own directory, and is called chapter.sgml
      (so foo/chapter.sgml, bar/chapter.sgml, and so on).

  3.  Each <chapter> appears inside a <part> in book.sgml

Something like this:

     Local Variables:
     mode: sgml
     sgml-declaration: "../chapter.decl"
     sgml-indent-data: t
     sgml-omittag: nil
     sgml-always-quote-attributes: t
     sgml-parent-document: ("../book.sgml" "part" "chapter")
- -->

The ../chapter.decl contains your DOCTYPE line for each chapter.  The file 
we use has the line

<!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//DTD DocBook V3.1-Based Extension//EN">

but adjust this as necessary.  You will also need to adjust the 
sgml-parent-document setting if your chapters are directly under the <book> 
element, instead of being inside a <part>.

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