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Typesetting Mathematics with DocBook

I guess the only way to go as far as this is concerned is to use
PassiveTeX and MathML.  After about five years of working with LaTeX I
find MathML's syntax positively atrocious, and the worst part of it is
that <equation/> blocks are formatted pretty bizarre by PassiveTeX.  With
the teTeX installed by default on Red Hat 6.1 there are lots of error
messages, but the equations come out centered.  With TeXLive 6 no errors,
but the equations come out flushed to the left.

And in addition, is there a way of adding numbering to the equations and
then using <xref/> to refer to these numbered equations?

And finally, how do I get the MathML DTD parsed by my DocBook document?
Entities like &InvisibleTimes; defined there cause errors when I try to
use them.

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