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Re: Slightly OT: Editor Encoding Issues

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Holger Rauch wrote:

> Hi Sebastian!
> On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> > why use these horrible encodings anyway? whats wrong with the default
> > utf-8, which emacs is well able to support?
> In fact, nothing is wrong with utf-8 ,-) I just didn't know that Emacs
> supports it by default *hehe*. Not knowing about that was the reason why I
> was using that encoding stuff.

Heck, provided you don't use any characters outside the range &#x0 -
&#x7f, UTF-8 is exactly the same as ASCII and ISO-8859-1.  That's how
UTF-8's supposed to be Unicode rewritten to use 8-bit
characters as much as possible...  Just don't try doing any of the
alt-<num keypad> sequences under Windows or with that option enabled on
X though.  I guess Emacs will automatically translate those kinds of
inputs into proper UTF-8 somehow.

I think some of this is in the FAQ. :)

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