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Re: PassiveTex problems

> Matthias Gutbier wrote:
> I use the newest XSL docbook stylesheets together with PassiveTex and
> have several problems (saxon or xalan XSL processor):
> 1) error messages in Tex, when processing the resulting fo file:
>    --Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted)
>   --(to be read again)
>   --l.3019 </fo:list-item-label>
> This error occurs in areas, tagged with "itemizedlist" and causes TEX
> to print the text "label-end()" in the page header of the pdf output.

This is a bug in PassiveTeX.
> 2) German Hyphenation (justified paragraphs) seems not to work at all
> in TEX (Seems to be disabled)(Can't be a TEX config problem. It works
> with JADE.).

Does your document contain lang="de" on root element? This information
is passed to TeX in order to switch to correct hyphenation patterns.
> 3) Tex can't find any images (but does, if I use 1.29 stylesheets):
>   -- File 'url(file:./images/pin.png' not found on input ...

url(...) is correct syntax for URLs in FO. PassiveTeX currently does not
handle this syntax. You must customize newer stylesheet or wait for a
while. In a future XSL stylesheets might contain special treatement of
this for PassiveTeX. Better solution would be to fix this directly in
PassiveTeX (any time schedule for new PassiveTeX release Sebastian?).

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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