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I'm working on a Debian system (partial woody) and I've 
installed all the packages from this site:

and xsltproc and the relevant dependencies out of testing.  I 
also downloaded saxon from here:

Before I develop the website I thought I should build the test 
website on my system.

After downloading and viewing Mark's slides I tried to build the 
xml website with this command:

$ java -classpath \
/home/jesse/newbiedoc/website/downloads/saxon.jar \
website.xml /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheet/xsl/docbook/nwalsh/website\
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: \

And got the above Exception error.  I have to admit that I've 
gotten this far by brute force.  I'm not familiar with how these 
tools work together.  I've been using sgmltools-lite for a 
little over 6 months and have developed (well, changed a few 
settings on) some custom dsssl stylesheets.  Currently, I can 
build xml documents on my system.  Have I failed to install 
something I need or am I using the tools incorrectly?

Docs by & for Debian newbies
gpg key ID: 892D2057
ascii armored version at:

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