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Re: Re: DOCBOOK: Announce: Website 2.0a1 (ALPHA) released

At 10:15 PM 6/5/01, Norman Walsh wrote:

>| Definition of 'root' please? Is this root of the file system, or 
>| root relative to the build point, the root relative to the first 
>| xml file processed... or something else?
>Mumble. That depends a little bit. Each website must occupy a single
>directory tree. If you don't specify a directory, the file will go
>in the logical root of that tree.
>This is probably going to be the directory you ran the build command in,
>but you can change that with the output-root parameter.

Nice to see param.xml Norm! - is that relative to the output-root param?

>| 7. The example discussed, doesn't actually have an 'index.html'
>|   derived from website.xml

I built it from autolayout.xml? 
I guess this is documentation for the stylesheets.

>| 8. There is no example usage of tocskip.
>Sure there is. Click on the 'Building' link in the TOC and you'll be
>taken to the 'Using Make' subpage.

 From the build I did, I get 'dummy page', not to a Using Make page.

>| 9. Relative references.

>Oh, barf. I want a @%@%!!$# entity resolver.
>  docbook/xsl/...           normal stylesheets
>  docbook/website/xsl/...   website stylesheets


>| 1. The link to the text only version, txtindex.html, is invalid,
>|    is that a build option?
>You have to build the text-only version separately. Sigh.
>  make TEXTONLY=1
>I think.

Is there a param to do this? (I've never used either of the makes).
It would be a nice option? 

>The whole layout is more-or-less a catalog thing. If you copy the
>SourceForge layout, it'll work "out of the box". But I may change
>the relative references to point to the web, too.

They are easy to find/change, since they call up the dialler :-)

Regards DaveP

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