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Re: HTML entities (XSL stylesheet 1.39)

Robert Collins wrote:
> Validating the generated HTML with a faq article, I get the following:
> onsgmls -wmin-tag -s cygwin-xfree-faq.html
> onsgmls:cygwin-xfree-faq.html:337:112:E: "X2018" is not a function name
> onsgmls:cygwin-xfree-faq.html:340:40:E: "X2019" is not a function name
> onsgmls:cygwin-xfree-faq.html:365:60:E: "X2018" is not a function name
> onsgmls:cygwin-xfree-faq.html:365:274:E: "X2019" is not a function name
> If I read the HTML 4.01 spec correctly, this is because html expects
> ‘
> not
> ‘

Both variants are correct.

> As far as I can tell this is coming from the common/en.xml localisation
> file (overriding dingbat.characters didn't fix it.
> However, as en.xml covers more than just html, I was wondering about the
> best approach to fix this?

Just ignore these messages from parser. If you generate this HTML from
DocBook, you could trust to stylesheet, additional parsing is not
necessary IMHO.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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